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Kanmonkyo Bridge: Connecting Honshu with Kyushu

August 15th, 2009



Ignore the title, I’ll get to that after we talk about food.
A few weekends ago, the Kyoto Sensei (vice principal) of one of my school was very kind and invited me to his house for a traditional Japanese meal! (Exclamation mark doesn’t due the excitement justice) Traditional Japanese meals are AWESOME! Whether it be makizushi (hand rolled sushi) or, as in this case, self dipped tempura, I have never had anything short of unbelievable when invited to dine in a Japanese home. Not only are the Japanese one of the most hospitable people on the planet, they also know how to eat right. In the picture you can see all the dished and plates with raw vegetables, meats, shrimp, squid and fish. The idea is that you dip whatever suits your fancy into the fry-batter, then let it sit in the fryer for about a minute until it’s crispy. Never will you have better fried food. Straight from the oil, into some soy sauce and then right to your mouth. I am considering committing major crimes in order repeat the experience. (exaggeration??? perhaps)
While munching I got to talk about Maine, America, and myself to Takeshita-san, his wife, son and son’s friend. Of all the Japanese people I know, that family is one of most fluent in English.

Wakamatsu Me_at_Takato

After this he and his wife went to Mt. Takato for a beatiful overlook of Wakamatsu and the Wakato Bridge that spans into Tobata.

Kanmonkyo Bridge

Kanmonkyo Bridge

The fun didn’t end there though. Our final desitination was the magnificent Kanmonkyo Bridge that reaches from the main island of Japan, called Honshu, to my island, Kyushu.

Fun Facts about the Kanmonkyo Bridge:

    It is the 34th largest suspension
    bridge in the world
    It is the only bridge connecting Kyushu with Honshu
    The bridge was opened to vehicles in 1973
    It is impressive to behold

For on the Kanmonkyo Bridge (because I know you’re all slobering for more), here’s a link to its Wikipedia page.

Also, I finally found time to edit my video of the trip. The video is below.

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  1. Mom and Dad
    August 15th, 2009 at 22:01 | #1

    Oooh, I may have to get out the Japanese cookbook and try some tempura. It looks delicious. Nice pix of the Kanmonkyo Bridge and Wakamatsu. Nice city you have there.

  2. August 15th, 2009 at 15:11 | #2

    I love traditional authentic Asian meals! Hearing and seeing your experience was exciting!!!!!!! TY

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